planning applications

When the proposed work falls outside the rules and conditions of Permitted Development then Planning Permission must be obtained. Planning Permission allows for development on or to land and Existing properties and is granted by the Local Planning Authority.

Following the sketch schemes / Preliminary Drawings we can produce full drawings of Existing & Proposed floor plans, Elevations and Site Plans, these will form part of the Planning Application along with Design & Access Statements, and all relevant forms and Certificates. We will submit your application on your behalf and continue to monitor it throughout the Planning stage where any amendments required by the client or by the planners will be at no additional cost.

If the Local Authority requires the proposal to be revised, we will amend the drawings and re-submit at no extra cost (not including council fees if required).

party wall act

The Party Wall Act 1996 makes provision for dealing with works that are likely to affect Party Walls and has been extended to include excavations within close proximity to neighbouring structures.  The Act is intended to enable works to proceed reasonably and considerately.  It is a complex legal document that should be considered whenever works are proposed to party walls or within close proximity to any structure.

The Party Wall Act exists to protect both the building and adjoining owners, our aim is to ensure that the protection of the Act is applied wherever it is necessary. Our goal is to increase awareness of the Act and to ensure that any works that are subject to the Act are Notified correctly.

Generally the Party Wall Etc Act 1996 should be considered if any of the following works are being undertaken and there are adjoining or neighbouring properties in close vicinity to the proposals:

  • Loft Conversion
  • Extensions
  • Re-roofing
  • Underpinning
  • Excavations for investigation, drainage or substructure works
  • Alterations and internal refurbishment to adjoining structures

Party Wall Services regularly acts for both the building and adjoining owners;

Our appointments when acting for the building owner usually involves service of notices on behalf of the building owner who are proposing to undertake works which are notifiable under the Act.  If a dispute arises this may lead to a formal appointment under Section 10 of the Act.  In this instance we will encourage the building owner to have a schedule of condition of the adjoining owners property undertake in order to ensure that the condition of the property is agreed prior to works commencing and thereby safeguarding their interests. We would then draft and serve an Award.  We may also be appointed as an Agreed Surveyor where by both parties mutually agreed our appointment to act impartially.

If we are not appointed as an Agreed Surveyor and a dispute has arisen the adjoining owner must appoint a surveyor under the Act known as the adjoining owners surveyor.

We are often also appointed by Adjoining Owners in this way.  In the event of a dispute arising, we are appointed under Section 10 of the Act, in order to settle the dispute by implementing an Award.  This usually includes the preparation of a detailed Schedule of Condition as mentioned above in order to safeguard the interests of both parties.

Our expertise in negotiating party wall matters ensures that building work proceeds legally and without unnecessary delays, inconvenience to either party or cost. We will ensure that the rights and duties of both parties are fully understood and observed. It is worthy of note that in most circumstances all reasonable fees will be payable by the Building Owner.

To download a copy of the Party Wall Act from the Office of Public Sector Information, click here:

ordinance survey plans

site location & site plans

We are able to provide Site Location Plans & Site Plans needed for a Planning Application, Right’s of way access and Property Sales on a property. These can be to a scale of your choice but for Local Authorities They should be at a scale of 1:1250 & 1:500. These plans show the local Authorities where your property is located how your property sits on the land and the boundary line around your land.

  • Electronic format OS Plans from £20  (Depending on area needed) can be sent to you in AutoCAD or a PDF file to a scale of your choice.
  • A3 Prints required for a Planning Application  from £25 for up to 10 sheets of A3
  • Plans up to A0 are available in both colour and Black & White contact us for more information

feasibility studies

This is the first stage (Initial Meeting) of any project whether it be a home alteration, home extension or new build, the feasibility study will enable you as the client to establish :

  • What options are available to you?
  • Which options are most cost effective?
  • The size of space required?
  • Will you need Planning Permission?
  • What will it all cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • How involved we need to be in your project?

This element is free and enables us at the end of the discussion to provide you with a fee proposal that will itemise the cost of each element from initial design to construction drawings, what elements are needed, what is payable and when.

From the start, and as the project develops, we are completely clear about what will be required and the cost. We aim to ensure that there are no surprises or ‘hidden’ extra costs. Where there are elements that cannot be costed, for example structural calculations which may depend on the final design we will give you an approximate cost following our first visit and a fixed cost as soon as the final design is agreed

building regulations

Building Regulation Approval is a completely separate process from Planning Approval, here Building Control are concerned with how the building work will be carried out whilst ensuring it complies with current Building Regulations.


Almost all work to a property that involves structural work will need to comply with Building Regulations whether Planning Permission is needed or not.


We will prepare and submit a Full Plans Application for your project, this comprises of detailed drawings of plans, sections & elevations of the proposed work together with a specification detailing how each element is to be constructed and what materials are to be used.


Where necessary a Structural Engineer may be required to provide structural calculations at this stage depending on the nature of the proposed works, we will let you know whether they are needed in the Initial meeting.


If you require the proposed work to be issued for Tender it is advised that all Tenders use these detailed drawings to enable them to provide the correct quote.

design for adaptation

Working with our own Occupational Therapist we have experience in producing effective designs for adaptations to provide accessible environments for specific disabilities.

We undertake home assessments to identify the need for adaptations that may be required for a resident with a disability to maintain their independence around their home.

We complete a full assessment with a detailed report to ensure that the individual’s needs are identified:

  • Ensure a client has the best opportunity of staying in their home as safely as possible for as long as they would like
  • Recommend any equipment or adaptations that will assist a client
  • Advise on specialist equipment
  • Identify any adaptations needed to the home

We provide a detailed specification of works from grab rails and ramps to altering internal layouts and designing extensions, we will work to create the most appropriate, practical and cost effective design solutions to meet a clients needs. We are fully up to date with the current Occupational Therapy Practice and Disability Legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.


Our Occupational Therapist is a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists and the Health Profession Council.


For more information on Occupational Therapy click here:

ordinance survey plans

current mapping

We are also able to provide Plans / Maps showing a larger area of land such as whole Towns & Cities these are ideal for Surveying and hobbies such as Rambling, Cycling and Orienteering.


Maps can be printed in a choice of scales and of the following formats:


Street Maps
Shows Street level detail, Building outlines, Street names.

Shows height of Contours, rights of way, field boundaries, recreational path routes.

Town Maps
Shows all roads & Buildings as blocks of colour.
Road Atlas
Combines roads, Railways, Cities and Towns.

Contact us for more information & prices on Current Mapping.

design & access statements

Local Planning from time to time require Design & Access Statements for projects to enable them to understand about your current and Proposed Building and the changes it will have on the surrounding area. Let us prepare these for you.

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